Websurance Benefits Trust


The WEBSURANCE Benefits Trust is a fully insured, national group and voluntary insurance trust that aggregates hundreds of small and mid-sized employer groups under one Master Certificate, offering a variety of America’s leading group insurance carrier’s product lines. Eligible group insurance products include health, dental, vision, life, disability, voluntary life and disability, critical illness and accident and sickness. The WEBSURANCE Benefits Trust allows producers to quote, enroll and complete group sales in 30 minutes or less on a proven digital platform.  Hundreds of producers across the country have been quoting and selling on our platforms since 2010.

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What are the advantages of placing employer groups in the WEBSURANCE Benefits Trust?

For Carriers, Associations, PEOs

Carriers are afforded the option to become Trust vendors and offer large group insurance plan designs and preferred rates under one Master Certificate versus adhering to state regulated community-pooled rates and regulations. By offering products in the Trust, vendors can customize more competitive plan offerings in any market space.  Paperless, online premium payment, collections, plan management and automated producer licensing and commission payment are all incorporated in one secure application.

For Producers

The Trust’s featured carriers, superior benefits, rates and rate guarantees empowers producers to compete at a different level. It helps producers sell and manage group insurance clients in a secure, paperless, online environment. Backroom support is provided by experienced, licensed, client service representatives.

For Employers

Small and mid-sized employers can purchase superior benefit plans at competitive rates with multiple year rate guarantees, otherwise not available on a standalone basis. They also have access to a proprietary, paperless, digital administrative platform for premium paying and employee status changes.

About Howell Benefit Services, Inc.

Howell Benefit Services, Inc., located in Wilkes-Barre, Pennsylvania, is a nationally recognized, online, Third Party Administrator (TPA) in business since 1982. Howell, through its wholly owned subsidiary, Howell Benefit Technologies LLC (dba/RATECentric) offers its own proprietary digital procurement and premium billing technology by leveraging 40 years of direct selling in large and small group insurance markets. Howell built its first digital group insurance platform in the late 90’s and has built over a dozen more to date, some for the nation’s top five group carriers.


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