Leveraging over 35 years of experience in the group insurance industry, RATECentric's implementation approach enables us to develop a strategy to meet each client's individual goals.



Each client presents RATECentric with a unique challenge. The first step of any project is understanding the pain points or challenges of an organization. The project definition determines project scope and creates the organizational structure needed to complete the implementation successfully.

Project Scope

This step affords our clients the opportunity to test a prototype of the platform. Understanding the software's functionality allows the project team to better identify and establish accurate and realistic objectives and target dates. In addition, our business analysts perform other functions which include Business Process Flow Analysis, Product Plan Analysis/Selection, and Application Design. This gives our team the opportunity to identify any project issues and recommend variations of the platform to achieve maximum efficiencies. Once we learn the specific challenges of our client, we will define a strategy and solution to maximize market presence.


Our team will build a customized prototype based on the project scope. This step involves building the model environment, creating, and testing prototype scripts and documenting any issues or challenges along the way. The model step results in the project team's recommendations of key business processes which best meet our client’s overall objectives. These business processes will be implemented during Go Live and enables clients to get to market minimally in 4 months.


This step involves all activities required to be completed prior to Go Live. It is a focal point for management’s review and status reporting of numerous tasks including:

  • Project issue evaluation and resolution action plans
  • Technology environment and infrastructure tasks for rollout
  • Technical solutions, custom applications, data conversions and interfaces
  • Documentation development for procedures and end user training
  • Complete formatting of production and user test data environments


Our project team performs a complete system validation to ensure system functionality. This is followed up by a readiness assessment which assures all components at Go Live have been successfully implemented. Components include:

  • Four major environments – production, testing, training/demo and development
  • Performance evaluation
  • Security roles
  • Application and training documentation
  • Client sign-off and acknowledgment of system readiness


Before going live, our team will prepare and train home office employees as well as large distribution channels and independent producers. Training options include:

  • Webinar Sessions
  • Breakout Sessions for Quarterly Carrier Sales Meetings and Producer Conferences
  • Regional Training Sessions
  • User Group Meetings
  • CSR Phone Consultations
  • New Producer Orientations
  • Online Tutorials

Go Live

Go Live is the cumulation of the design, configuration, and final testing of the platform. Our project team addresses and confirms that every aspect of our client’s platform has been analyzed, tested and is fully functional. Each of areas below are validated:

System Functionality
All aspects of the system have been tested, validated and are functioning as specified by our client.

Data Readiness
Data required to operate the system has been loaded and verified. Data conversion is completed and deemed accurate.

User Readiness
Users have demonstrated enough competency to use the system effectively and efficiently.

Client and User Support
Client and user support staff is in place and available to be provided on an ongoing basis.

Operational Readiness
A team is identified to support infrastructure, equipment, tools and procedures. Technical support is in place and prepared to handle the reporting, prioritization and troubleshooting of issues.


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